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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español de la Sra. Rodríguez! ~ Welcome to World Language!

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On this site you will find some of the tools that you will need to succeed in my World Language & Spanish classes.

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Class Rules & Responsibilities

·Be prepared: Bring your binder, paper and pen or pencil to class everyday.

·Be respectful: Respect yourself, your fellow students and your teacher.

·Be confident: Have confidence in yourself when speaking a foreign language.

·Be responsible: Complete your classwork and homework assignments on time.

Class participation, following directions, staying on task, and coming to class willing to learn are the student's responsibilities.

Course Requirements

1. Participate in class

2. Take notes

3. Complete classwork and homework on time

4. Study for tests and quizzes

5. Make oral presentations

6. Complete projects, when given, by due date

7. Present projects to class

8. Translate from English to Spanish & viceversa


Period 1 (A-1) : Spanish I (8th)

Period 2 (A-2) : Spanish I (8th)

Period 3 (B-1) : Spanish I (8th)

Period 4 (B-2) : Spanish I (8th)

Period 5 (C-1) : Planning

Period 6 (C-2) : World Language (7th)


Period 7 (D-1) : World Language (7th)

Period 8 (D-2) : Planning


Five Tips to Be Successful in My Classes

1. Pay attention

2. Take/review notes

3. Ask questions and for assistance/help

4. Study every night

5. Practice by speaking Spanish and completing

classwork and homework.

Why Learn Spanish?

As of 2009, 329 million people speak Spanish as a native language. It is the second most natively-spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese. *
Do you need a reason for studying Spanish? Here are several.
Here are 10 excellent reasons why you should start learning Spanish today.
Top Ten Reasons for Learning Spanish. Many English words are also of Latin origin, and so when you learn vocabulary in Spanish you will simultaneously be expanding your English vocabulary.

* Source:


Meet the teacher - La maestra

Sra. Rodríguez was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Her husband is from the Dominican Republic, but was raised in New York, and that is where they met thirty years ago. He retired from the U.S. Navy eight years ago, after 20 years of service. They have been stationed in San Diego, Virginia, Japan and Sicily, Italy, and have traveled to many countries around the world. They have two sons, both serving in the U. S. Navy.  Prior to moving to Georgia, she worked for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools in Japan and Sicily, and also taught at Smithfield High School and Isle of Wight Academy in Virginia.

Sra. Rodríguez is looking forward to her second year at Pickens Junior High School. She started the Spanish program last year and  believes she has a lot to offer to her students, since she is not only a native speaker, but also has the preparation and cultural experience. She is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (A.A.S.), University of Maryland University College (B.A.), and Bowie State University (M.S.).

In her free time she enjoys traveling, going to the movies, target shooting, reading, watching TV, surfing the Internet, and spending time with her family, friends, and their two dogs and two cats.


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